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A test-friendly way of instrumenting Docker containers

By Joana Deluca Kleis

We, as good developers, create unit tests for every piece of code we write, so we can be confident to iterate on the code. Unit tests are fast, reliable and relatively easy to write and maintain. Integration testing on the other hand, is not a solved issue. I know this from personal experience.

My team and I had been building a dashboard and some backend services for it. But as we started to shape our testing pyramid, we realized that most of our code is integration code: we didn’t have our own database (at least, not yet) and we…

Healthcare today is being reshaped by digitization, changing demographics, sustainability and more. It’s a whole new world. The developments in healthcare have also inspired some dramatic transformations among industry players. At Philips, the shift is seismic. If you still have the idea that it’s a consumer products conglomerate manufacturing lights…


All about Philips’ innovation, health technology and our people. Learn more about our tech and engineering teams.

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